It appears very unsightly an individual telephone calls an individual Sapo, and that means you realize that, if someone calls a person a Sapo, the two likely dont want you there.

Example: Que person tan sapo(En) exactly how nosy you may be.

Que maricada

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It is actually used to make reference to things absurd, stupid or don’t useful.

For instance: ?Esta llorando por eso? Que maricada. (EN) Are you weeping about any of it? Thats silly.


A Pichurria is a thing that is not rewarding, that’s insignificant.

Instance: los cuales regalo bronze pichurria o que people brown pichurria. (En) exactly what a boring keepsake or That people was a bit of dump.

Colombian Jargon Hello

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As a traveler Everyone loves shocking customers by understanding the less traditional approaches to write in Spanish.

So in Cuba, we say los cuales bola? and in Mexico it really is que pedo? versus a more proper hola or como estas?

In Colombia there are numerous means of greeting people who are notably completely different from other Spanish-speaking region.

These are the Colombian Spanish greetings:


It is also usual in Colombia, really an informal version and it’s used in combination with consumers you are already aware or loved ones.

Quihubo! Really an abbreviated and customized model of Que hubo, which is used as a conversation newbie. A

lthough whenever speaking quickly, it may sound more like a ?Quihubo!

Que mas

?Que mas? Which generally mean just what also?, a lot of Colombians employ this person to say Greetings, how’s it going?

Use this salutation in a call, through WhatsApp or in individual.

So long as you add some pues at the end, like, ?Que mas pues? May sounds rather paisa, this is anyone of Medellin.


?Buenas! is the most usual method of greeting when you arrive at a spot in Colombia.

Buenas is actually an abbreviated version of Buenos dias/Buenas tardes/ Aceptables noches, in Colombia you just state Buenas!

Truly legitimate throughout the day, the day or perhaps the day. They will most likely in addition answer-back with a Buenas!

Como van las cosas

This particular type of greeting actually means How are generally facts going, it can be used through mobile debate, WhatsApp or perhaps in people.

Its the best way to starting a conversation considering that the same matter attracts you to determine several things about what has recently occurred.

Colombian Comments

Colombian men are individuals who dont psyche admiring a womans appeal and letting them are aware of it really loudy.

Like there are certainly compliments that might not as good, a lot of them build girls laugh, either as it is interesting or since female certainly flattered.

If youre a woman travel in Colombia its far better really know what men and women are catcalling.

About Ayngelina

Constantly interested on the limit to be nosey, Ayngelina knows that the doorway to any or all excellent talks starts with groceries. If she actually is silent this is because she’s contemplating the following that dinner.


I like this. Hometown jargon is one of those things that seems almost impossible to learn before spending some time for the put. Thanks for the insider facts.

Camels & Candy says

Oooh I adore finding out slang on the go! The best as of yet are budgie smugglers (Speedos in Aussie). Although I talk Spanish, Ive never ever seen several those sayings and would like to execute chimba! (exclamation point important) into the on a daily basis vocabularyfor the mere noises of it I might put, maybe not it is therefore! Nearly feels like youre sawing attire a tree: timber!

juan fierro says

If youre going to need chimba simply put it to use with much closer contacts, it cannot become actually civil, im Colombian incidentally.

Thank you so much for technique!

We discovered speedily that Columbians don’t use the diminutive as frequently because the individuals in key the country. Anytime i’d declare ahorita for ahora or cervecita for cerveza, they’d merely smile at me personally and say that I chatted foolish Mexican Spanish.

Colombians on the whole speak fairly demonstrably, albeit a lot quicker compared to main the united states. When you move to Chile and Argentina, it’s a new ballgame.

Sorry, this is certainly incorrect. I reside in Colombia and hearing -ita or -ica at the conclusion of a word really typical right here. Furthermore, this informative guide of valuable jargon is truly best a good choice for folks who practically talk virtually no Spanish. Any Spanish speaker would conveniently see these keywords. There are various construction being unique to each Latin American nation, and I also convince individuals taking a trip, or moving to a Spanish-speaking state to do a fast google lookup to realize what they’re.

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